20 Jul

Club Baboo | a great YouTube channel for kids

For about a year or two, me and my studio mates at Frame Order have been working on a couple of new projects of our own. One of them is a YouTube channel for kids called Club Baboo. Our aim is to provide high quality original content that is freely accessible for kids all around the world. The videos are both entertaining and educational and we strive to upload at least two videos each week. The subjects range from dinosaur cartoons, to ABC videos, animal and vehicle names and more, so Club Baboo should offer something fun for everybody. I’ll try to share some of the designs and behind the scenes stuff that goes into making these videos, but for now, feel free to have a look at what we have so far. We hope you and your kids will enjoy or channel!


6 thoughts on “Club Baboo | a great YouTube channel for kids

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  2. Love love love Baboo. The characters, the music, all perfect. I am 50, my son is 4 and we have Baboo time before bed most nights. Thanks Guys for this creation.

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