29 Sep

The Adventures of Indiana Jones is here!

Finally, here it is, The Adventures of Indiana Jones! It’s been a long journey getting this made and I’m very excited to finally share it with you all! I hope you will have fun watching it as much as I had making it and please let me know what you thought of it.

Get that whip crackin’!

29 thoughts on “The Adventures of Indiana Jones is here!

  1. The man in the hat is back! This is fantastic! Congratulations on capturing so magnificently the spirit of Indy so faithfully- and we even get to see Brody back in the classroom!

    Hats off and bottoms up to you!

  2. This is astonishing work. It´s got talent and soul in it. It is definitely the best appearence of Indiana Jones since The Last Crusade. Maybe now that Disney has made us fans a favor and bought Lucasfilm will take note of this. Congratulations, man.

  3. Really Really hope your phone is ringing right now with an offer for you to be the show-runner and to bring this to Netflix! this is Awesome!

  4. I think it speaks volumes that I was disappointed that the video was just a little over a minute long. You have no idea how badly I want to see more of this! I’ve been following your Indy artwork since I found out about this project and I think it’s fantastic! I think this is fantastic proof that animated Indy can really work. Thank you for making this and I really hope you are able to make more.

  5. Wow!! That gave me chills! So good. Well done. I would totally watch that as a show, or DVD release movie… pretty much as anything as long as we get more!

  6. Wow, wow, WOW! This is absolutely fantastic! You have done a superb job. It made me feel twelve all over again. Thank you so much for blessing us with your hard work.

    I really hope Disney sees this… an animated Indiana Jones is gold! So many endless possibilities with cultures, artifacts, and adventures all around the world. We appreciate your vision becoming reality.

  7. Impresionante!!!!!!
    Me encantaría ver esta serie o largometraje hecho realidad.
    Eres un gran artista!!!! Enhorabuena!!
    Disney! toma nota

  8. Amazing! Indiana Jones is my favorite movie character and you really brought out his essence in your art! Loved it and want more!! 🙂

  9. It belongs in a museum. You’ve made a mini masterpiece. This brilliant piece of animation so clearly showcases exactly what we’ve been missing all this time and desperately wanted. You’ve captured and distilled the pure essence of Indiana Jones into a beautiful and elegant opening sequence that masterfully conveys everything great about the films in a concise 1:15 of visual poetry. Thank you for this gift you have given us.

  10. This is just so right on the money. So spot on. You absolutely smashed it and captured those characters so well. Love how dynamic it is. I’m working on some of my own animation at the moment and this had just spurred me right on. Well done Patrick. What a fantastic addition to that universe. In my head that animated show now exists. Aww and your backgrounds are stunning and your colours are just lush! I’m a fan. Great work.

  11. this is breathtaking. of course, i’m an Indy fan since childhood and it’s obvious that you know the character very well and put your heart and soul into making this. thank you for your hard work and please continue.
    greetings, Marc.

  12. It is just awesome.

    Please, start a kickstarter project to make a complete season ! I will definitely help you !

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  14. Absolutely fucking fantastic. Every subtle movement looks as accurate as if it were rotoscoped, gorgeous detail and lighting effects, and visual aesthetic that reminds me of those last few great but forgotten hand drawn Disney cartoons before they all went cgi. I don’t know if you’ve seen strelok’s video where he’s added audio, but I think it adds a lot to it without taking away from the impact.


    I think we know what we need to do now. Spam Bob Iger’s twitter with links to this non-stop until it becomes a reality with this as the credit sequence. Wouldn’t even need to change a frame.

  15. Wow! Thank you so much for this great piece of work !
    I would love to see a complete animated series of this.
    Keep the great work.
    Greetings from Costa Rica 🙂

  16. I love this. Maybe it’s just me and this is a bad idea, but I couldn’t help thinking how fun this would be as a reaction-time based video game ala Dragon’s Lair. Of course I’d also love to see it as full length animated show.

  17. This is amazing!! I love Indiana Jones and you’ve done an amazingly perfect job at nostalgia. Fortune and Glory is yours my friend. Hope Speilberg and Lucas see this. A cartoon on this would be amazing. You should do a comic!

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